Quickly Change Homepage in Web Browsers

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Do you change your browser homepage frequently? What is the fastest way to do it?

The usual way to do it –
In Firefox – go to Tools>Options>General>HomePage
In Internet explorer – Tools>Internet_Options>Homepage
and in the Location either use the ‘Current Page’ to set the page you are viewing as homepage. All new windows open with the homepage now…

Matthew suggested a great idea on Tricks of the Trade

“Go to the webpage you want to use as your homepage. On the far left-hand side of the location bar you should see a tiny picture, either a graphic specific to that site or a generic “piece of paper” image. This is call a “favicon,” and you can make the current site your home page simply by left-clicking and dragging it onto the “Home” button on your browser.”

Now that is really fast. Personally I set no homepage. I use Blank (about:blank) page to start with. Then I decide what I want to visit by my Firefox live bookmarks.

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  1. fraz says:

    nice post and very useful. Please guide me how to do I am following it but facing problem.


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