Yahoo! Freecycle Reuse Campaign: Free is Good

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Its Earth Day 2008 today and Yahoo! Free is Good campaign urges you that instead of throwing out things like furniture, dishes, and electronics, you can join a reuse group to give these items away for free to other people in their community who can use them.

This is in participation with The Freecycle Network, a network of over 4000 groups with over 4 million members across the globe, who help reuse goods and keep them out of landfills. Each local group is moderated by a local volunteer and membership is free!

Yahoo! is hiding hundreds of prizes in reuse groups across the globe. Watch the offered items closely until you see a message about an Earth Day treasure, reply as instructed and you could win them. If you find something amazing on a Freecycle group, snap its photo and and tell your story on the FreeCycle Treasures group on Flickr.

Find your local reuse group today. I thought it was US centric only, so I was surprised to see several Indian Freecycle groups also for Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai… now I know where to give my stuff away and do my bit for a greener earth.

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  1. Robinlee Barber says:

    I would love to join.

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