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Get Ymail email, a free email account. Did you miss a chance to get your name in your Yahoo! email account, then hurry to grab your names at the new extension which allows users to finally use their favorite usernames. If you always wanted a gmail extension, you can now choose a ymail email instead.

Create Ymail Email Account

Get ymail ID

Besides Ymail, they are also opening registrations to RocketMail, one of the very first free Webmail services that Yahoo! acquired in 1997. These domains have the same Yahoo! Mail experience like unlimited storage, integrated instant messaging and localized versions around the world, with easy access to Messenger, Flickr, Groups etc.


Hurry and you have the chance to grab your perfect email address to help reflect who you are. This short and sweet Ymail will surely appeal to a wide range of email users. Which means now Yahoo! email comes in 3 styles –, or Get that email address you always wanted.

Creating availability of new domain names for email use has been frequently used gimmick to attract users who missed their favorite IDs – remember the Yahoo “Dot” email addresses or the Cool Hotmail options.

Update: As of April 2013, if you want to create yamail account, the option is not available on the Yahoo! sign in page. Though, the existing Ymail. account still work.

7 comments on “Free Email Accounts by Yahoo!

  1. ROW says:

    I have never got an id in my name on any of these mail ids, Same story for me here also.

    My name is soooo common.

  2. dee says:

    I’m too late as well. Maybe some unusual names will get lucky. Doesn’t hurt to try…

  3. Syahid A. says:

    Got my own at Ymail! Yay!

  4. Directory Pond Wallace says:

    i got my name for ymail, part of gmail, not bad. ;)

  5. giddy says:

    i couldnt get my ymail account why?

  6. Donny RK says:

    “Ymail” short & more unique than other addresses..!

  7. Sandy McNeil says:

    I’ve been searching for signing up a Ymail account, and found this article. Is it still up an running? Can someone post a new link? Sorry for being such a noob.

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