Now Twitter More Popular Than Digg!

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There was no doubt that Twitter was getting popular, but getting more popular than Digg is big news. Twitter has emerged as a huge microblogging platform and now everyone needs a twitter account to stay connected.


Hitwise reports that last week the market share of visits to Twitter surpassed Digg for the first time since launch and was ranked #84 (one above Digg at #85) in the Computers and Internet category. A notable point is the increased traffic to Twitter from Internet users aged 25-34, from 12% last year to 45% for the last 4 weeks. Do follow us on Twitter.

4 comments on “Now Twitter More Popular Than Digg!

  1. Kevin says:

    Unfortunately Kevin Rose has more twitter followers than Evan Williams,Biz Stone or Jack Dorsey ;)

  2. Chung Bey Luen says:

    I’m using Twitter more than Digg because it is well connected with your audience.

  3. John Gregory says:

    Never Really Dug, Digg – But Twitter is such a connected community that you’d be crazy not to join in and find your place ! Follow me on Twitter (link on my Blog :)

  4. Ankit says:

    Twitter offers more user friendly interface and is more fun to use :) So happy Tweeting..

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