Assign Facebook Page Admins to Build Social Media Teams

Now Facebook lets you assign Facebook page admin roles, which will help you build a social media team to manage Facebook pages easily. The new Facebook feature allows Facebook page owners to delegate tasks to different Facebook friends or staff,…

chromebook chromebox

Buy New Google Chromebox, Next-Gen Chromebooks

Google in collaboration with Samsung has launched a new series of chromebooks and the new Chromebox, the desktop version of the ultrafast chromebooks. Google Chromebooks are the Google laptops which run based on cloud computing, always stay updated, and keep…

Buy Dell XPS One 27: Largest All-in-One Dell Computer

Now Buy Dell XPS One 27 – Dell launched their largest ever 27 inch all-in-one computer in the market today as part of the premium XPS performance family. Dell has also launched a new series of all-in-one computers with different…

remove power key

How to Disable Power Key / Button on Keyboard

How do you disable the power key / button on your keyboard which causes instant shut down? BTW have you ever seen a Keyboard power key! I was blogging from my uncle’s old computer and he had a really old…

hide php version

How to Hide PHP Version in Site HTTP Headers

You must hide PHP version of your server in site headers for better site security. It is essential that you keep your PHP version updated on your server as newer versions help to fix security bugs, besides getting new features….

facebook camera

Download Facebook Camera: Share Facebook Photos Quickly

Download Facebook Camera, a new iOS app which is the fastest way to post and share Facebook photos instantly from your iPhone or other Apple mobile device. As photo sharing gets more popular, and people seek faster ways to post…

computer malware

A Malware Threat Most People Are Unaware Of

There is one malware threat that most people are not aware of and sadly, they get trapped by this threat. Easy access to the Internet enables some irresponsible people to spread malicious programs. And day after day, people are more…

google search icon

Better Ways to Search Google

Want to Search Google in a better way like a pro? So much information is on the web, its mind-boggling. Thankfully we have search engines to sift through them and categorize them for us. Unfortunately, there is still so much info that even…

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