Webmasters Alert! Google Penguin 2.0 Update Rolls

By 23-05-2013   GoogleSEO

Google has released the Penguin 2.0 algorithm update which is the latest major release of the search engine algorithm update to deal with web spam and ensure better quality search. Check out if your site traffic affected as this major update rolls out across the world.

Google Penguin 2.0

Matt Cutts, head of Google web spam team announced that its a major update and will affect about 2.3% of English-US queries! That is a huge number and will surely turn the fortunes of thousands of websites –  up or down is yet to be seen. There is a simultaneous roll out to all language websites as well.

This is the fourth update of Penguin which usually targets black hat web spam and is much more powerful than earlier Penguin updates.
Penguin 1 on April 24, 2012
Penguin 2 on May 24, 2012
Penguin 3 on October 5, 2012

So what should webmasters expect from these SEO updates and further on in 2013 – See this video and see what Google has planned for webmasters.

If you see a spam site which you believe should be affected by Penguin update – you can report here. So was your website affected? Did your search engine rankings rise or fall? Read about our Panda-Penguin struggle here.

32 comments on “Webmasters Alert! Google Penguin 2.0 Update Rolls

  1. Peter says:

    Thanks for updating us on the Google updates. However, webmasters who are doing there work according to Google rules have no reason to worry

  2. Rohan Mod says:

    Just a moment before i was reading Neil Patel blog about penguin 2.0 will affect guest bloggers and now you showed me Matt Cutts, He clearly indicated black hat will be punished.lets hope it is good for all.

  3. Pov says:

    This Penguin 2.0 Google updates will filter spam at page level while past updates target homepage level only. It is the best time that every webmasters, marketers and online business owners change the strategies and focus more on producing high value content that serve people lives so that they really want to link and share it throughout the web, however, compelling content is not enough without proper and divers outreach strategies such as guest blogging, email marketing, social media ,forum and community engagement.

  4. Raquel Johnson says:

    My website have ranked well and moreover the Google search engine is now sending me more visitors,so I think this time my website have got the positive and good affect on my website !

  5. Carl says:

    I think there is nothing to worry about, it is obvious that target is again related to websites that use spammy and unethical SEO.

  6. Techboy Rocky says:

    I am always having a look at the updates bought by Google…Google Penguin 2.0 update may bring positive as well as negative result for some website owners….Thanks for letting us know about Google Penguin 2.0 update as many still not know about this latest update…..

  7. Suhas says:

    Hi Chandra,
    Yes, the Penguin 2.0 is out. I think not every one should worry but spammers must as the Penguin is going to hit them.

  8. Noman says:

    Actually Big Google hate spammer.I think it’s a Black day for spammer.thanks

  9. Jon Harthun says:

    I don’t know much about Google Panda or this Penguin 2.0 thing !!
    Only one of my 5 blogs has got hit by Penguin update !
    I didn’t do anything and it automatically recovered !

    • P. Chandra says:

      I guess that is the best way to deal with it if you are doing nothing wrong. Simply wait and they will fix the traffic in the next crawl.

  10. Som Gupta says:

    Google Penguin 2.0 Update May Bring Bositive as Well as Negative Result For Some Website Owners.

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