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How to Remove All Links in WordPress Comments

How can you remove spam links from your WordPress comments text? If you get thousands of spam comments everyday, even with anti-spam comment tools,  there is a chance that many spam comments were able to get posted and had malicious…

reading levels

How to Check Reading Level of Your Website

Google classifies content on websites by Reading level. What is the reading level of your site content? Did you know Google uses a sophisticated algorithm to classify content into 3 categories called  – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. I checked the…

keyboard shortcuts

How to Moderate WordPress Comments Very Quickly

Did you know you can moderate WordPress comments quickly with WordPress Shortcuts and enabling selected WordPress options. I have been moderating the millions of spam and not spam comments the usual way by clicking the link choices at the bottom…

reconsideration form

Google Removes Reconsideration Request Form

The reconsideration request form is gone from GWT. With introduction of manual action viewer in Google Webmaster tools, they have decided to only let webmasters affected with manual webspam action penalties to file reconsideration requests. Previously everyone could directly access…

manual actions viewer

How to Confirm Manual Webspam Google Penalty

Has you site traffic decreased due to a manual webspam penalty by Google? Previously the only way to find that out was to send in a reconsideration request and wait for Google to inform you via email that your site…

delete links

How Google Made Link Removal a Big Business

Link removal has become business, thanks to Google penalties like Panda and Penguin, which has webmasters screening back link profiles and removing bad links.  While most now stay away from shady link building deals which promise thousands of back links…

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Send Voice Messages in WhatsApp

How can you send voice messages in WhatsApp? Well they just introduced this new feature which allows the millions of Whatsapp connected users to communicate instantly using voice messages. Another great way to keep in touch with your friends and…

yahoo logo

New Yahoo! Logos!

Yahoo! unveiled new logos after so many years as a sign of reinventing itself under new CEO Marrisa Mayer. The new logo(s) are a symbol of the changing new Yahoo! which is getting a new makeover with revamped great products…

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