How to Change Google Safe Search Settings

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How can you change Google SafeSearch settings and turn it on or off? Google search may be set to Safe Search on or off in your browser. However, many times you might find that you wish to change Safe Search settings to on or off. So how can you tweak Google search settings?

While it would seem the settings option should be well placed and easy to locate, sometimes it may be difficult to find. If you visit the page, the settings link does appear at the bottom of the window.

google settings

However, if you are on a Google search results page, the gears icon is well recognized and there are easy options to find the “Search Setting” as well as one click options to “Turn off Safe Search” or “Turn on Safe Search” as per your current setting.

turn on safesearch

Strangely whenever you visit the Google search page which loads by default in the Chrome browser, and are you are logged in, there seems to be no link to edit the Google search settings.

no google settings

This happens most frequently as you continue to use the Chrome homepage as the search box by default.

Change Google Safe Search Link

If you do not see or cannot find the Settings link – simply head to

This is a direct link to edit safesearch preferences and many other Google search preferences too (like display 100 search results!).

change safesearch settings

Simply click on the checkbox to “Filter explicit results” and your safe search is turned on. Now it will block adult related content from your search results and a more kid-safe search experience. If you uncheck the checkbox and safe search will be turned off – now all types of unfiltered adult content might appear in the search results.

You also have the option to lock safesearch (will ask for your Google account login) and then users cannot change the safe search settings. Its a good idea to Lock Safe Search to protect children online from viewing unwanted explicit content.

Here is more information about how to change Bing Safe Search preferences.

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