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new template file

How to Create WordPress Theme Files Without FTP

Did you ever want to create new WordPress theme template PHP files, but needed FTP access to server every time. We experiment a lot with WordPress theme designs and it was very cumbersome to keep logging in via FTP to…

password protected pages

Add Logout Button to Password Protected WordPress Posts

Have you noticed there is no logout button or link on password protected posts in WordPress! These posts need a password for visitors to gain access, but there is no way to logout. The browser stores the cookies which lasts over…

lato font load time

How to Remove Google Font Lato in Twenty Fourteen Theme

Want to remove Google font Lato in your Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme? Is Lato font slowing down your site? Have you noticed how no text content is visible on your site on slow speed internet connections till the Lato font…

Word Counts

How to View Word Counts of All WordPress Posts

How can you find the word count of all WordPress posts in a easy interface? Word Counts are important indication of article length and are useful if you are looking for thin content on your Google penalty affected site. WordPress…

adsense middle

How to Add Adsense Ads in Middle of Blog Posts

Can you display Adsense ads in middle of blog posts? There is no doubt that in-content ads encourage readers to click more, and the higher CTR can earns you more money. While it is easy to add Adsense ads below…


How to Add Updated Date to WordPress Articles

It is a good idea to add updated post date and time to your WordPress posts to let search engines know when your post was updated. As search engines have started giving higher search engine rankings to  recently posted articles…

quickcache new ui

Quick Cache WordPress Plugin Goes Pro, Faster, Better

My favorite WordPress caching plugin Quick Cache went Pro and got lighter and faster. It seems the  lead developer Jason Caldwell has decided to actively develop and maintain the popular caching plugin and has decided to also introduce a Pro version…

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