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malware comments

How to Find Malware Links From Your Site

Do you know you could be linking to malware sites from your website! Its possible a link you posted in an article year’s back is now a malware hosting site. Its also possible that of those thousands of spam comments…


Remove WordPress jQuery, Add Google CDN jQuery

How can you remove WordPress jQuery and use Google Hosted jQuery instead? Many WordPress themes require jQuery  to add cool flyouts, dropdowns and other jazzy animations. But jQuery is a big script (91KB when minimized), also a very popular JavaScript…

twenty fourteen theme

New Default Twenty Fourteen WordPress Theme

The latest Twenty  Fourteen WordPress theme is now available on WordPress.com blogs and is the next official default WordPress theme release for 2014. Based on modern design elements, it features a superior responsive design and brings featured images to the forefront….


5 Essential Web Design Elements You Must Use

Here are some amazing futuristic web design elements you need to implement to your website theme today. You know our love for experimenting with theme design, and probably frequent site visitors do keep noticing changing design elements, and I often…

clickable link

How to Remove All Links in WordPress Comments

How can you remove spam links from your WordPress comments text? If you get thousands of spam comments everyday, even with anti-spam comment tools,  there is a chance that many spam comments were able to get posted and had malicious…

keyboard shortcuts

How to Moderate WordPress Comments Very Quickly

Did you know you can moderate WordPress comments quickly with WordPress Shortcuts and enabling selected WordPress options. I have been moderating the millions of spam and not spam comments the usual way by clicking the link choices at the bottom…

404 page

How to Force 404 Errors in WordPress

Sometimes you have to force 404 errors in WordPress, either because the 404 pages are not properly configured, or sometimes WordPress itself or caching plugins may make 404 errors impossible. I tried to create 404 pages to fix Google penalties,…


How to Add Updated Date Markup to Articles

It is very important to add updated dates markup to your blog articles. Google and other search engines are tweaking their algorithms to favor fresh content. If you test your site on the structured data tool, it seems Updated date has become…


Use Twitter Bootstrap for Powerful Web Design

QOT is now powered by Twitter Bootstrap, a powerful front-end framework for powerful web design, and speedier web development. Bootstrap is made by Twitter to do some cool stuff with your website. You need to try out Bootstrap to see…

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