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load disqus comments

How to Load Disqus Comments on Click with jQuery

How to load Disqus comment on click and on demand using jQuery? You might want to increase page speed or hide comments to save space to display other interactive elements to increase pageviews. You need to see if this works better…

adsense middle ads

How to Add Adsense Ads Between WordPress Posts

How can you insert Adsense ads between posts on WordPress archives, categories, tags,  index, search and homepages. As you learnt about how to insert Adsense inside articles, inserting between WordPress post summary pages is a little different. While editing your…

vary accept encoding

How to Add Vary: Accept-Encoding HTTP Header with .htaccess

Its a good idea to set Vary: Accept-Encoding HTTP header response from your server, especially if you display different websites for various user agents and even to define if the caching tool should serve the gzip compressed file or not. First…

new comments page

How to Show WordPress Comments on New Page

Do you want to display WordPress comments on a new page and separate from post content? I explained earlier how to install WordPress pop-up comments easily. Now try this tip which will open WordPress comments on a different page, and…

popup comments

How to Add Popup Comments in WordPress Posts

Its easy to add popup WordPress comments to your WordPress theme, but as you might have observed that by default the WordPress comments are loaded on the same page. Several years ago, popup comments were popular. I remember how my…

tweet now buttons

10 Tricks to Super Effective Tweet Buttons

Do you display Tweet Buttons that everyone wants to click? Are your tweet buttons effectively engaging your audience to share your amazing content? Every website has tweet buttons to share content online, but how effective are they. This article explains…

good coding practices

Code Better with Google HTML CSS Style Guide

Did you know Google has published an HTML CSS Style Guide to help new coders understand good coding practices. We all edit CSS, HTML in our blogs, but do we do it the right way? Do we know the basic…

lato font load time

How to Remove Google Font Lato in Twenty Fourteen Theme

Want to remove Google font Lato in your Twenty Fourteen WordPress theme? Is Lato font slowing down your site? Have you noticed how no text content is visible on your site on slow speed internet connections till the Lato font…

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