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Separate WordPress Comments to Fix Google Panda Penalty

The real secret why we separated WordPress comments from post content, is to deal with our Google Panda penalties. While our site gets millions of spam comments every year, many comments slip through the spam filters and moderation efforts. The…

push globe

How We Removed 1.7 Million BackLinks and Survived

What happens to a website which removes 1.7 million backlinks! If you have been following our story for the last 2 years, our website has been stuck by multiple Google penalties since January 2012 and website traffic has dropped by…

delete links

How Google Made Link Removal a Big Business

Link removal has become business, thanks to Google penalties like Panda and Penguin, which has webmasters screening back link profiles and removing bad links.  While most now stay away from shady link building deals which promise thousands of back links…

Webmasters Alert! Google Penguin 2.0 Update Rolls

Google has released the Penguin 2.0 algorithm update which is the latest major release of the search engine algorithm update to deal with web spam and ensure better quality search. Check out if your site traffic affected as this major…

urls blocked by robots.txt

Bad Robots.txt Causes Massive Blocked Urls?

Robots.txt is blocking a huge number of urls on our site! We delved further into causes of falling traffic since Panda 25 and especially after Reconsideration request revealed no manual penalty. As the traffic continuously falls for the past few weeks by…

traffic penalty

Webmaster Reconsideration Request: No Manual Google Penalty

The Google webmaster reconsideration request revealed no manual Google penalty. Struck by Google Panda 25 on March 15 2013, and a super quick fall in site traffic since the past few weeks, we filed the second reconsideration request, many months after…

Google Panda 25

Traffic Report: Google Panda 25 Strikes Back

They called it Google Panda update #25, and it was meant to be possibly the last announced update which striked on March 15, 2013, after which it was planned to get rolled into routine Google algortihm updates. And Google Panda…

Use Google Disavow Links Tool to Clean Bad Backlinks

Now the new Google Disavow Links tool allows webmasters to clean bad backlinks and get a spam free backlink profile. After the series of Google Panda and Penguin penalties striking many websites, the SEO game and back links generation ways have changed….

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