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Grab Your Paypal.Me Vanity Url to Get Paid

Paypal now offers a free vanity url like to allow Paypal users to collect payments from friends, family and clients. Simply send your link, and ask your friends to pay for that group party or allow crowdfunding of…

close paypal account

How to Close Paypal Account in 5 Easy Steps [Photos]

How can you close Paypal account? This article shows stepwise screenshot photos of closing a paypal account and will guide Paypal users how it is done what to expect. There is no doubt that is one of the best services…

paypal india purpose code

Now PayPal India Requires Purpose Code, PAN, Bank Account

PayPal India now makes it mandatory for all Paypal users in India to add Purpose Code, PAN, Bank Account to withdraw money from Paypal. This is in continuation of its restrictions to comply with Indian Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines. Paypal India…

Paypal India Money Transfer Restrictions Start

Paypal India users are now under  new limited Paypal guidelines restricting money transfer, payments for goods and services and  accepting money online. Paypal had warned about the upcoming changes a month back to comply with Reserve Bank of India guidelines….

Paypal India Payments Restricted Again!

Paypal India has given a 30 day notice for new payment limits to all Paypal users in India  as per new changes in user agreement for India to comply with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines governing the processing and settlement of…

PayPal Stops Electronic Fund Transfer to India Banks

PayPal has stopped electronic bank withdrawals to customers in India and seems part of the continuing problems with Reserve Bank of India and international money transfer guidelines across India. PayPal has announced that In accordance with regulatory instructions, there will…

phishing email

How to Detect Fake Paypal Phishing Email

Do you know if it is a fake Paypal Phishing email from Paypal scams are very common and we all get phishing paypal emails and it is important to recognise and avoid getting trapped by these fake phishing emails…

Paypal India Users Need Purpose Code to Withdraw Money

The Paypal India fiasco is continuing. Now Paypal has informed Indian users withdrawing money need to fill out a new field “Purpose Code’, which is now required under Indian laws in order to identify the nature of cross-border merchant transactions….

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