10 Best Twitter Tools, Plugins, Widgets for WordPress Blogs

[Regularly Updated] Twitter is buzzing and here is a collection of top 10 twitter tools, plugins, widgets and scripts to integrate with your wordpress blog.  These Twitter tools are easy to implement and you can get them running in  minutes in your wordpress blogs.

Twitter tools

WordPress Twitter Plugins, Tools, Widgets

  • Wickett Twitter Widget – Display tweets from a Twitter account in the sidebar of your blog. As seen on WordPress.com. The easiest and best way to add Tweets to WordPress.
  • TweetSuite – a Twitter-WordPress integration plugin that includes server-side TweetBacks, ReTweet-This buttons, digg-like Tweet-This Button, automatic tweeting of new posts and some widgets.
  • Tweet This – A plugin that adds a Twitter icon to every post and page, so your readers can share your blog entries on their Twitter accounts with ease.
  • TweetMeme button – easily allows your blog posts to be retweeted.
  • Simple Twitter Link – simply returns a URL, which is a link to Twitter with your post/page URL within it.
  • WP Twitip ID – Plugin adds an extra field to the comment form for user to enter their twitter username
  • Twitter Badge – Official javascript codes that display badges showing what you are posting on Twitter.
  • The Twitter Updater – a wordpress plugin that automatically sends a Twitter status update to your Twitter account when you create, publish, or edit your WordPress post. You can specify the text for the updates, and also have the option to turn the auto update on/off for the different post actions in the admin panel.
  • TwitThis is an easy way for people to send Twitter messages about your blog post or website. When visitors to your website click on the TwitThis button or link, it takes the URL of the webpage and creates a shorter URL using TinyURL. Then visitors can send this shortened URL and a description of the web page to all of their friends on Twitter.
  • Twitter Tools – This wordpress plugin creates an integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account. Pull your tweets into your blog and create new tweets on blog posts and from within WordPress.
  • Twitter WordPress Sidebar Widget – Customise the number of updates shown in your sidebar, individual links to each status update on Twitter, style your Twitterings using CSS, choose whether to display your Twitter name before each post and customise text between the post text and the relative time.
  • Twitter Feed – Posts your blog updates to your twitter account. Login to twitterfeed using your OpenID, provide the URL for your blog RSS feed, and how often to post to Twitter.
  • Twitt-Twoo – is a simple little plugin that will allow you to update your Twitter status right from your blog’s sidebar. It is AJAX powered and allows for quick and easy status updates.
  • Twitter Sharts – ‘Shart’ your twitter status anywhere within your wordpress blog posts or pages.

I hope these Twitter tools will help you integrate Twitter in your wordpress blog and vice versa. Found a Twitter tool for this list? Post it in comments. This list is regularly updated. Photo by dbarefoot

200 comments on “10 Best Twitter Tools, Plugins, Widgets for WordPress Blogs

  1. L.P. says:

    Great info.. thanks!

  2. wiertnice says:

    10 Best Twitter Tools for WordPress Blogs is very dificult for me

  3. Giun Sun says:

    Great links, thanks a lot…I’ll probably be implementing some of them.

  4. mayvelous says:

    Great list. I use of Twitter Feed often and it’s very handy.

  5. wohnsilo says:

    Unfortunately Twitt-Twoo works only with PHP5 – I hope there will be a workaround soon…

    • Joe says:

      There is a good work around for the problem, in fact it totally fixes it. Run PHP5. PHP4 is EOL’d and no longer supported.

  6. mohd says:

    Nice tools ..

    Thank you and wishing you more creativity ..

  7. video says:

    What is twitter?

  8. Susan says:

    Excellent! Just added a Twitter Tools to my blog! Thanks for sharing!

  9. John Lessnau says:

    If you have a WP blog and need some timely, relevant content, my new tool Twitterdoodle can automatically add posts to your blog based on twitter keyword/keyword phrase searches.

    Here is my webpage that explains the plugin in detail:

  10. Josh says:

    I use twittertools on my wordpress mu installation. its amazing with a nice tumblelog theme like t2!

  11. Dan Hollings says:

    TwitterSplit turns your everyday twitter post links into “lasso” links keeping your traffic close to home and helping you promote anything you like atop your externally linked pages. Increase your followme conversions too.



    • ben 10 oyunları says:

      theme for your blogs; as always, if you choose to modify this theme in any way, I would appreciate it if you could keep my credits in the stylesheet and a link in the footer. I still have plans to release my own colour modifications

  12. Anonymous says:

    Great, everything I needed is here!!

  13. Larry Bradshaw says:

    Does anyone know how to pull in a tweet feed from a tweet feed search, for example, I would like to show all the tweets within a 1 mile radius from zip code 50309. I can easily do this on twitters website but haven’t found a plug in to get this information into my sidebar nicely.

  14. David says:

    Great list!

    dont forget www.tweeterized.com

  15. Quitting The Day Job says:

    I notice you are not using any …

  16. Godzhesas says:

    Thanks, couldn’t find the right one untill this post :)

  17. Owen says:

    I’m a big fan of TwitterTools and use it on a number of my blogs. Always helps bring traffic in too.


  18. Richard X. Thripp says:

    Interesting list. Hadn’t heard of TwitThis; it’s a bit like Tweet This which I created, except it uses JavaScript, whereas my plugin allows your readers to share your posts on Twitter with a TinyURL (or is.gd, Th8.us, etc.) created and stored in your WP database.

    I was disappointed that most of the Twitter plugins are for displaying your tweets rather than facilitating the sharing of your content by others, which was the reason for Tweet This.

  19. Binary Chick says:

    I shall have to give these a try. Seems useful.

  20. Pinoy Blog says:

    thanks for the list.. i’ll check em one by one..

  21. Graeme Davidson says:

    Thanks for the Twitter info. I’ll be checking them all out and seeing what works best for me

  22. zMastaa says:

    I made a live twitter feed/updater that uses monitter/ajax to display the latest tweets


  23. Tara @ Home Business Blog says:

    Thanks for the great list. I was searching for WP Twitter plugins and found your list!

  24. Jan says:

    Thanks for the twitter plugin links. Just what I need.

  25. Jeff Paul says:

    This blog Is very informative , I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog . It helped me with ocean of knowledge so I really belive you will do much better in the future . Good job web master .

  26. Kin says:

    Very useful list, i’m new to Twitter so your list will be of great help, thanks!

  27. weeksgo says:

    Too bad. It only works for php5

    • Adriano Jose Meirinho says:

      Too bad for me… it’s also not working on PHP4 : ( … i shall update it urgent!

  28. Charles says:

    Thanks for all the tools. I hope to intergrate twitter on my blog as a tool where I can upload thoughts and ideas from my mobile.

  29. gaston says:

    Very good list!
    I was looking for this. Thanks.

  30. David Chan says:

    Another cool Twitter badge which works with WP and other websites (MySpace, blogger, etc.) is http://saytweet.com – you can make a badge using any picture you want!

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