111 Blogs to Join 9Rules Blogging Network in Round 4

9Rules is a premium blogging network and recently announced round 4 submissions to allow new blogs to join the network. And the lucky blogs were announced today.

I have yet to see so much enthusiasm and eagerness amongst bloggers as this has generated. Bloggers were busy refreshing the 9rules blog to look for updates, the smart ones subscribed to the rss feed and kept refreshing new aggregators, and many kept logging into their email searching their spam folders looking for an invitation email from 9Rules.

And finally the wait was over. 9Rules announced the round 4 list where an unexpected 111 blogs were selected for joining the 9Rules blogging network, pending acceptance of terms and conditions.

Out of 700 sites, 111 were selected and many of the ones that weren’t selected were close, but either needed a little more time or a little more focus. I wish it was possible to send every site an email explaining what can be improved and maybe one day we will have a system in place, but for now we can only email the sites on this list.

Keep in mind, these sites were the ones selected, but are not in the Network yet until they have agreed to the member agreement so take this as a preliminary list. Congratulations to everyone.”

Congratulations to those who got selected. Was your blog selected? Join 9Rules Blogging Network and let us know about your experience.

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