1190 Blogs Want to Join 9Rules Blogging Network in Round 5

When the popular blogging network 9rules opened its Round 5 submissions for 24 hours on October 25 to welcome blog submissions to join their network, the response was overwhelming with 1190 blogs sending in their request.

They have posted some interesting statistics about Round 5 –

# If you break it down per minute, we received an average of more than 1 blog every minute for the first 19 hours.
# If you add up the total number of blogs from all networks it’s still less than the total number of blogs submitted to 9rules in just one day. But quantity doesn’t mean quality, I’ll get to that in a bit.
# We reached 500 submissions twice as fast as Round 4.
# We beat Round 4’s total number of submissions in just over 9 hours.

Following 700 submissions, 111 Blogs joined in Round 4. Since they say that “traditionally we’ve added between 8-16% of the total number of submissions to 9rules”, with the increasing numbers of submissions, more blogs might be selected. You can still follow these tips to get noticed to join the 9rules. Results out next week…

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