DMOZ Open Directory Project : Largest Human Edited Directory

DMOZ – Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

Automated search engines are increasingly unable to turn up useful results to search queries. The small paid editorial staffs at commercial directories can’t keep up with submissions, and the quality and comprehensiveness of their directories has suffered. Link rot is setting in and they can’t keep pace with the growth of the Internet.

The Open Directory Project provides the means for the Internet to organize itself. As the Internet grows, so do the number of net-citizens. These citizens can each organize a small portion of the web and present it back to the rest of the population, keeping only the best content.

ODP content is syndicated with the Google Directory and hundreds of other sites using ODP data. The Open Directory License governs the terms under which anyone may use the ODP data.

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2 comments on “DMOZ Open Directory Project : Largest Human Edited Directory

  1. Nuclear Games says:

    DMOZ is great, but i never could get accepted in their directory
    anyways thanks

  2. conservatories says:

    Dmoz i think its over hyped plus could do with a remake

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