Translate Websites to Your Language

Remember those useful webpages which you just wish you could read. Only if some free language translation software could translate them in English !! So give a try to the FREE Alta Vista Babel Fish Translation Service.

It has 2 parts:

Translate a block of text
Just enter a piece of text you are interested to translate and select the language to convert to. And right before you the text gets translated to the language of your choice which you can read easily.

The second part is more interesting and useful

Translate a Web page

Just enter the url of the webpage or site to translate language. Select the language to which you want to convert it to. A small frame comes up on top of the site byBabel Fish and the previously unreadable site becomes translated to the language of your choice. Not only the page you mentioned, but all the links to it also.

Better still now you can also add the translation facility to your website. Now users can readily convert your page to the language of thier choice.

Now you can conviniently browse any site in any language of your choice. Now you need not avoid reading Russian or German sites, just use Babel Fish and enjoy all those hundreds of pages you missed.

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