Yahoo 360 – Social Networking and Blogging on Yahoo

Yahoo is stepping into social networking and blogging, with a new service Yahoo 360 that promises to offer a simpler way to keep in touch with people. The new service is accepting invitation-only beta testers for now.

A Yahoo! ID is all you need. Your page is out there waiting to be filled with whatever you like.
If you already have stuff on Yahoo! that you want to share – photo albums, groups, a LAUNCHcast station, Yahoo! Local reviews – you can add them to your page in a few simple clicks.


Let people know what’s interesting or important to you. Post photos. Start a blog. Share lists and recommendations, anything goes.

You’ll have complete control over who sees what. After all, your relationships with different people vary. So there are options for you to control access to any and all parts of your page.

You’ll have one place to keep the important people in your life connected to you. And one place for you to stay connected to them. Easily invite your friends and family

While it starts to pick momentum – sign up on the beta waiting list

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  1. Kris says:

    Hey to all you singles out there! Buyer beware, if you have a suscription on this site, and you cancel within the three days like stated, watch out! Apparently you have to ask for a refund even if you havent been billed yet! If you dont and call the customer service be prepared for them to fight you on the fine print. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND this site. They are a rip off try plenty of fish they are free!

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