Blogpulse Tracks 10 Million Blogs: Leadership in the Blogosphere

Intelliseeks BlogPulse became the first blog tracking service to exceed 10 million blogs tracked over the weekend.

The service, which was launched this time last year, now has the largest number of blogs tracked amongst blog tracking services, with competitors PubSub and Technorati currently tracking 9.7 million and 9.25 million blogs respectively.

As per the Blogpulse Blog –
In honor of the number 10, the BlogPulse tech team pulled some top 10 lists from recent posts covering March 1-April 18.

Top 10 blogs (based on numbers of citations)
Boing Boing (6,568 citations)
EnGadget (4,624 citations)
Daily Kos (4,341 citations)
Slashdot (3,874 citations)
Instapundit (3,117 citations)
Albino Black Sheep (2,948 citations)
Michelle Malkin (2,801 citations)
Gizmodo (2,500 citations)
Powerline Blog (2,314 citations)
Captain’s Quarter Blog (2,039 citations)

Top 10 People Cited
And during that same time period, which people/personalities/celebrities got the most bloggers’ ink?
Terri Schiavo (24,017 citations)
Pope John Paul II (16,610 citations)
President Bush (15,461 citations)
Britney Spears (10,641 citations)
Michael Jackson (10,634 citations)
Tom Delay (6,399 citations)
Johnny Depp (6,249 citations)
Donnie Darko (3,878 citations)
Ashlee Simpson (3,818 citations)
Michael Schiavo (3,579 citations)

As per last count on their site : Total identified blogs: 10,132,173 and New blogs in last 24 hours: 70,748

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