Firefox 50 Million Downloads: Find Unusual Ways to Spread Firefox

is emerging as the most popular web browser and going by the number of downloads, 50 million seems near enough. After the launch of the latest version Firefox 1.0.3, Firefox has decided to celebrate is 50 million downloads in style and you stand a chance to win if you can impress them enough.

So this is what they want at a announcement at the Spread Firefox site –

“As we drive toward 50 million downloads, do something so cool, so unusual and so spectacular to spread Firefox that we can’t help but scurry around the Mozilla Foundation to tell every one. Send a photo of your feat to

So what impresses us? Maybe it’s convincing your mayor to declare a Firefox holiday (take a picture of the declaration). Or going to the prom dressed as a Firefox (take a picture of your date slapping you). We’ll keep a running log of the prize winners and their stories.”

firefox 50 million downloads

For starters, Jonathan’s mom is being sent an autographed Firefox t-shirt for her efforts at making a Firefox resembling cake. And they claim the best prizes are awaiting the best ideas. Hurry because the last count was at 49,360,623 downloads!

A very special prize the biggest ever given out is awaiting the lucky SpreadFirefox affiliate who delivered the golden click that went with the 50 millionth download.

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