Free Online Graph Paper / Grid Paper PDFs

Ever go about searching for free grid or graph papers in the modern online world, but cannot locate a graph paper to plot or chart that important presentation. Now you can get these free online graph papers as a Pdf. Ofcourse you will need Adobe acrobat reader to view these files.

These pdf graphs are available in various sizes like 8.5×11″, 11×17″ and many more and you may also create your own! In all these you can adjust the border width, the border colour, line weight and lines per inch. Several multi-width graph papers are also available to suit any need.

Asymmetric graph paper is typically used for knitting patterns. Knit stitches are wider than they are tall. You can set your own width to height ratio here to accomodate the type of stitch used. Several customized 3:2 patterns are available. Instead of lines, you can have dots, iso-dots, hexagons, hex-dots and the patterns are unlimited.

So next time you need a graph, do go visiting this site to get your free online graphs and grids. This is even better than preformatted graph papers available at your office products shop as it can be customized to the very precise detail you want!

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