Google Adsense & Customizable Ads Units?

Problogger reports Google Adsense are testing new ad formats that allow publishers to have greater control over how many ads are shown and what the overall size of the ad block is. His investigation into unusual ad units at Dogster and Catster a few days ago led him to this finding.

Here’s his scoop – Adsense are testing a system where by the publisher not only chooses from a number of prescribed ad formats (as we currently do) but where they themselves are able to determine:
1. the ad format size
2. the number of ads to be shown in this space

Of course this is an assumption at present based on different formats of Google Adsense ads seen on some sites which did not meet criteria of premium Adsense accounts. It would be beneficial to web publishers without the need to rearrange their site’s design to accommodate the Adsense ads.

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