Google AdWords Site Targeted Ads

Now Google Adwords users will be able to decide sites where there ads will appear on individual sites with more control. This will enable them to place ads competitively and bid higher for keywords on well reputed focussed sites which will lead to better sales conversions rather than smaller sites with lack of focussed content and low click to sales conversion.

Google says that

“Site-targeted campaigns are a new enhancement to Google AdWords. Site targeting lets advertisers choose individual sites in the Google content network where they’d like their ads to appear.
Since Google first introduced AdWords, advertisers have asked us for the ability to run their ads on specific websites. Site targeting gives our users that ability, while also allowing their ads to compete for ranking with traditional keyword-targeted AdWords ads. It’s one more tool that AdWords advertisers can use to bring their message to highly-targeted groups of web users.”

It looks like those big sites with higher traffic, good focussed content will earn more due to higher paying focussed ads and smaller sites will turn up PSA’s or low priced ads and end up with lower earnings. Undoubtedly it will help to get rid of sites with poor content created with the sole purpose of targeting ads by using high paying keywords stuffing.

It puts the power in hands of the advertiser who has every right to decide where his ads appears since he is paying for every click after all. Site targeting is in a beta test stage with just a few advertisers and will be available to all AdWords advertisers in the near future.

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