Google Gulp with Autodrink : Quench your Thirst for Knowledge

Google DrinkGoogle Gulp (BETA) with Auto-Drink (Limited release), a line of “smart drinks” designed to maximize your surfing efficiency by making you more intelligent, and less thirsty.

It is available in four great flavours – See product details
If you are still wondering about it, read the Frequently asked questions

Well I tried to understand what Google Gulp is, but the description is as complicated and networked as Google itself. A very interesting description quoting from their site.

Think fruity. Think refreshing.
Think a DNA scanner embedded in the lip of your bottle reading all 3 gigabytes of your base pair genetic data in a fraction of a second, fine-tuning your individual hormonal cocktail in real time using our patented Auto-Drink technology, and slamming a truckload of electrolytic neurotransmitter smart-drug stimulants past the blood-brain barrier to achieve maximum optimization of your soon-to-be-grateful cerebral cortex. Plus, it’s low in carbs! And with flavors ranging from Beta Carroty to Glutamate Grape, you’ll never run out of ways to quench your thirst for knowledge.

How to get Gulped?
Pick up this “limited release” google product by turning in a used Gulp Cap at your local grocery store. If you know someone who’s already been “gulped,” they can give you one.

April fool joke? I don’t know…

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