Nikki Cappelli / Candice Michelle on GoDaddy Super Bowl TV Commercials

GoDaddy is a very popular domain registrar. It gained immense popularity by its controversial Super Bowl television commercial focused on a young woman – Nikki Cappelli who has a wardrobe malfunction before a “censorship committee,” mostly of aging men.

The TV commercial ran during the first quarter of the game watched by more than 80 million viewers, but was pulled before its second appearance scheduled for the final two minutes of the game. East Valley Tribune reports that Bob Parsons, president and founder of, a Scottsdale-based domain register for computer Web sites, said his firm has hired Nikki Cappelli again for at least two new commercials.

nikki capelli godaddy

GoDaddy is now showing streaming videos of the previous controversial commercials on its website, just incase you missed it before. If that controversy was not enough, there was enough evidence that Godaddy girl Nikki Cappelli is actually World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) RAW Diva Candice Michelle. According to HitWise, domain name registrar experienced a 260.21% surge in Web traffic after its controversial ad aired on SuperBowl.

Nikki Cappelli or Candice Michelle – it certainly promoted the Superbowl television commercial sales of domains and webhosting packages of GoDaddy!

Update: Read more about GoDaddy girls and Superbowl TV Commercials in 2006.

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