Yahoo Intellisync Synchronizes Address Book, Calendar with Email Apps

This post is an eye opener for Yahoo email users if you haven’t given Yahoo Intellisync a try yet. Yahoo Intellisync helps to synchronize address book and calendar with email applications.

It is a free tool for Yahoo email users. It helps to back up critical email addresses and contacts from your desktop computer to Yahoo for safe keeping. Access your work calendar from home or on the road, have your schedule and contacts with you on your PDA and save time by making a change once and Intellisync for Yahoo! makes the update everywhere!

Yahoo Intellisync helps to synchronize Yahoo Calendar, Yahoo Address Book and Yahoo Notepad with Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm OS Handhelds, Pocket PC Handhelds, Lotus Organizer and ACT! It has been updated to support even more applications and now works with Outlook 2003, Outlook Express 6.0, Pocket PCs, ACT! 2000 and 6.0, Lotus 6.0

Locate Intellisynce in Yahoo email – Go to Addresses > Synchronize. Then a quick install and it works wonders synchronizing your data. Requires your Yahoo username and password. You can decide if you want to import, export or synchronize addresses and what to do if there is a conflict.

I use it to synchronize my email addresses across web based yahoo email, a desktop computer at home with Outlook Express and another computer at work with Outlook and my laptop Outlook Express for many years and it is the most efficient tool for this!

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9 comments on “Yahoo Intellisync Synchronizes Address Book, Calendar with Email Apps

  1. Shimone says:

    Your post does not provide a URL to download Intellisync – just a link to the Intellisync website. A search there for Yahoo simply pulls up a listing of press releases. I’m having a difficult time finding the installer…rather annoying.

  2. Fluppe says:

    Shimone, you have to log in to your Yahoo! account, go to your Calendar, and on the right is a linkbutton called “Sync”. That page will contain an option to download Intellisync.

  3. Scott says:

    I do not use MS Outlook but want to sync my csv or ical file to my yahoo calendar and then to my Dell Axim. Is there a way to do this?

  4. Tom says:

    Actually, if you click on Sync as noted above, you end up at Nokia’s near totally useless website. Lots of corporate technobabble though.

  5. Scott says:

    Thanks, but the sites do not help. I followed the instructions there and they do not work.

  6. Eric says:

    When I synch, I get a Pilot Error “unable to write or update application data”. Anyone have a fix?

  7. Barry Seybert says:

    Yahoo’s version of Intellisync has worked very well for years with my Palm. Now Yahoo has changed to some BS version of a sync program that sucks.

    I had to remove Intellisync from my PC to do some reconfiguring of Palm as per the request of Palm tech support.

    Now I’m trying to find the old version on Yahoo Intellisync because the current version sucks.

    Anyone know where it can be downloaded from?

  8. Alan Southwick says:

    I recently stumbled into the same headache that Barry Seybert has! The “New and Improved” Nokia version of Intellisync for Yahoo doesn’t work! It won’t udpate to MS-Outlook 2003, for either calendar or contacts. And, what’s worse, it duplicates certain entries on a multi-times each day basis on my calendar in Yahoo; eventually leading to over 30 repeated entries per day!!!
    The older PUMA Tech version of Intellisync was working reasonably well (although lately, it no longer sync’s the “location” of the calendar entries. I’m not sure what Yahoo or Nokia has done, but it’s a mess!!!
    I’m very tired of being a “beta tester” for someone’s idea of “new and improved” software!
    To repeat Barry’s request: anyone know where I can secure a download of the PUMA Tech version of Intellisync for Yahoo?
    AES ;:-(

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