Supports Adware-Free Software Downloads

I must concede that is the first place I visit to download all my software. They are fast and professional. But they offered all types of software, many of which had adware. Removal of these software then required Adware removal tools.

Search Engine Journal reports “, a CNET owned downloading portal, announced that they will no longer be distributing programs associated with adware over their downloading service. claims to have started a zero-tolerance policy against downloads which include bundled adware packages. That means every time you download software from, you can trust we’ve tested it and found it to be adware-free–period.”

They had always propogated that bundled adware was unacceptable–no matter how harmless it might be. Now its a big step towards adware elimination on part of such a major download site like It will prompt software makers to unbundle those adwares!

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Lee Roy Sanders, Jr.
Lee Roy Sanders, Jr.

I had a free download that gave Opera voice. I did use dial-up now I use DSL.

Now Opera’s text to voice feature does not work and I can not find the free download that gave Opera voice using any search engine.

Can someone give me the site address for this download?


i just register my softwares