Google Adsense Mints Money: $2000 Per Day Income

A message for those who are still struggling to make some money by affiliate advertising and have doubts about how much money Google Adsense can make for you.

Jason Calcanis Weblog posts

On April 7th I reported we broke $1,000 in a single day on Google Adsense and that I was trying to get to the $2,000 a day mark as quick as possible. Yesterday we broke $2,000 for the first time”

“It took us just over seven months (from September 2004 to April 2005) to go from $0 to $1,000, and about six weeks to go from $1,000 to $2,000. The increase was based on traffic gains and adding Google Adsense for RSS. We’re also involved in one other unannounced Google Adsense program that makes our sites a little more targeted”

Any you thought Google Adsense does not work for you? Just remember they talk of a professional management by 75+ bloggers and 10 full time staff. They also have a excellent content, huge traffic, a dedicated readership and an ‘unannounced Google Adsense program’ to get them clicking money.

I myself have tried several different affiliate programs and still none of them get even close to Google Adsense as my highest paying advertising program.


  1. Lucidly Awake says:

    how abt giving us a hint of ur daily average.. :-)
    no seriously.. weblogs inc did it…

  2. SatishTalim says:

    How long was your blog online and did you have any subscribers to your feed, when you were earning US$ 0 ie. nothing from Adsense?

  3. The Indian Blogger says:

    Is that allowed ?

    I don’t think you can disclose your adsense earnings.

  4. Quick Online Tips says:

    You can disclose your total earnings as per Changes in TOS. But you cannot disclose the CTR, CPM and other such details.

    As for my earnings, I am a starter compared to what you just read. Thanks for your readership.

  5. Rio517 says:

    check out

  6. Anonymous says:

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  7. Increase Adsense Income says:

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  8. AdsenseGuru says:

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  9. samirvohraindia says:

    I am new at adsense but i think good post.

  10. Nonsense says:

    This is all a bunch of B.S.! $2,000 a day? What a laugh. I made $100 in 6 months and they refused to pay me, accusing me of click fraud. You insult my intelligence.

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