Google Personalized Homepage : One Page Access to All Google Services

Google launched the personalized homepage for users of all services of google. It gives you immediate, at-a-glance access to key information from Google and across the web. Now does that not remind you of My Yahoo for Yahoo users. On this one self-designed page, you can organize “sections” with content you choose:

  • latest Gmail messages
  • headlines from Google News and other top news sources
  • weather forecasts, stock quotes, and movie showtimes
  • Quote of the Day and Word of the Day
  • driving directions from Google Maps

You can drag and drop individual sections to rearrange them on the page, and add or delete as many or as few sections as you like. You can click “Classic Home”* to switch to the standard Google homepage, and switch back by clicking “Personalized Home.” Read detailed FAQ.

You’ll need a Google Account, which you already have if you’ve used services like Gmail, Groups, Alerts, Froogle Shopping List, or My Search History. If you don’t have one, you can create one here.

Ok, now show me my personalized page – Go directly to

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