Convert Text to Images to Protect your Email from Search Bots

The Mask Email Image Generator will create a JPG image of your email address. Use it in place of text to fool those search bots that seek out email addresses for purposes of sending junk email.

Just enter the your Email Address. Then select the font type – choose from 5 preset standard fonts. You can then select the font size and the padding around the email address. It also allows you to select the Font and Background Color. If you are still not amazed by the customization, bold or italic the font. Just click ‘Make Image’ and it generates an Image for your proposed text quickly. Host it on your server and see the results.

What even better is that you can convert any text for a custom image to use on your web page using this tool.

You might also consider using the E-Mail Icon Generator which creates good email images of email addresses, but has less customization than this one. Read more tips about how to protect your email on the web.


  1. Exhomeless-Guy says: has some sign generators, button creators, label designers and banner creators ;)

  2. Derek Van Deen says:

    Your intention to help is commendable, but you definitely lack the ability to explain the process step by step, the way you would like it to be, were YOU the novice I am. I am the amateur, the vulnerable one, whose computer may be hacked in the future, become a zombie, and attack your machine every second of the day until it collapses.
    The site I landed on when I clicked on the links treats me as though I were a peer. I am not. Be more compassionate.

  3. Joe Cole says:

    Thanks for sharing this info. This is what I was searching for :-)

  4. Preston Lacy says:

    Just also try this one :

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