Microsoft Windows OneCare: Performance Tuning of Your Computer

Microsoft Windows OneCare is built specifically for people who don’t have the time or technical expertise necessary to secure and manage a computer on a daily basis. It is a comprehensive PC health service that goes beyond security to take an integrated approach to help protect and care for your computer.

Windows OneCare helps protect and maintain your computer with an integrated service that includes antivirus, firewall, PC maintenance, and data backup and restore functionality.

It automatically takes care of key tasks such as running antivirus scans, updating the antivirus engine and virus definitions, updating the firewall, and running a monthly PC tune-up to improve and maintain your computer’s performance. It updates itself automatically over the Internet so you always have the latest technology.

The official press release states “Windows OneCare, a comprehensive and simple-to-use consumer subscription service that will provide automated protection, maintenance and performance tuning as an all-in-one package for Windows-based PCs. Windows OneCare is initially being distributed to Microsoft employees this week as part of an extensive testing and development process before broad public beta availability scheduled for later this year.

Windows OneCare is being designed to address core safety concerns such as worms, viruses and spyware, but also to span broader PC health issues: helping protect electronic assets such as digital photos, music, financial data and software; and guarding against performance degradation and system clutter that can result from heavy use.”

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