QRIO Sony’s Humanoid Robot: Advanced Technologies with Artifical Intelligence

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Qrio is Sony’s Humanoid Robot –  a product of Sony’s cutting edge artificial intelligence and dynamics technology. Qrio embodies a fusion of most advanced technologies in motion, recognition, communictions, IT and Artifical Intelligence (AI). An entertainment robot that lives with you, makes life fun, makes you happy.

qrio robotQRIO can gather information and move around on its own accord. It not only walks on two legs, it can also manage uneven surfaces,dance, recognize people’s faces and voices, and carry on conversation. QRIO is eager to be friends with people.

If QRIO does lose its balance, it reacts to protect itself against the impact.And after it falls, QRIO checks front, back, left and right, and gets back up, by itself. Its intellectual capabilities allow QRIO to distinguish people’s faces and voices.

And QRIO the robot can communicate with people based on its own judgments, expressing its feelings through movements, conversation, and the use of its lights. QRIO uses body language and words to convey a feeling of intimacy; QRIO can connect to the Internet and share the kind of information you like to hear.