Sex Offenders Lifetime GPS Tracking : New Florida Law Ruling

The Global Positioning System, usually called GPS (the US military refers to it as NAVSTAR GPS), is a satellite navigation system used for determining one’s precise location and providing a highly accurate time reference almost anywhere on Earth or in Earth orbit.

“According to Yahoo! news, the governor of Florida just passed a bill that, along with increasing the jail time served for convicted sex offenders, requires them to be tracked for life via GPS. No technical details about the tracking, but it mentions “warning authorities when a sex offender is someplace he shouldn’t be”. Maybe they can get Google maps to add red zones around all of the restricted areas.” [via Slashdot]

Continuing with the Yahoo News report – “Some offenders already on the street could be ordered back to jail or be placed under GPS monitoring if they violated their probation.

Lots of other states have minimum mandatory sentences for sex crimes against children. A number of states already require some form of lifetime supervision of sex offenders, including GPS tracking, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

However, Florida’s new law may be the first requirement of lifetime GPS monitoring for an entire group of people who commit a certain crime, the NCSL said.”

In the future, Using GPS it may be possible to track any criminal about his exact location on Earth!

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