Test Speed of Internet Connection : Is Your ISP Duping You?

Are you getting the bandwidth and speed you paid for with your internet connection? How do you find out how much is your bandwidth or speed of your internet connection?

A simple way is to use the Bandwidth Speed Test. Just select the type of internet connection you have and it checks your internet speed quickly. It allows free checks only 3 times a month. That should be sufficient for most users for a quick test.

But if you find yourself addicted to this internet service, subscribe at $11.88/year (standard) and $59.88/year (enhanced) allow you to perform 100 and 1000 check respectively. They have access to a larger test data size for the personal test which increases test accuracy for fast connections and you also get unlimited personal use of the Remote Server Test. The remote server speed test allows you to specify your own image server that the test is run from.

Pretty accurate when I checked it. Now I have more trust in my internet service provider.

2 comments on “Test Speed of Internet Connection : Is Your ISP Duping You?

  1. Spuffler says:

    The link has changed… just use the root site: http://bandwidthplace.com/

  2. Jayne Krumbach says:

    Hello, listen, can you be found? I was looking for one on facebook but did not discover one.I would really like to become a fan!

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