Angelina Jolie Replaces Aishwarya Rai as Most Beautiful Woman

Harpers & Queen released a list of today’s 50 most beautiful women. And Angelina Jolie is voted the most beautiful woman on earth now. Earlier in March, Angelina Jolie had been named the world’s sexiest woman in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2005 poll was voted for by more than 15 million in 27 countries.

Here is the top 10 of the list
Sexy Angelina Jolie1: Angelina Jolie;
2: Christy Turlington
3: Queen Rania of Jordan
4: Sofia Coppola
5: Nigella Lawson
6: Uma Thurman
7: Emmanuelle Bart
8: Kate Moss
9: Aishwarya Rai
10: Princess Charlotte of Monaco

They say that it is surprising that Aishwarya Rai, former Miss World, who at one time was the most beautiful woman in the world, has now been pushed down to number 9 in the list.


  1. kc says:

    i think aishwarya rai is the most beautiful than angelina jolie..she is the most adorabvle beauty n the world.

  2. Sofia says:

    Aishwarya Rai is lovely indeed and looks great in print, but there are others out there who are absolutely flawless to the bone. Ash wears make up to enhance her looks, which is rather unnatural to me. Angelina and Ash are parallel so no comparisons.

  3. kathy says:

    Sophia Copola? I don’t think so.

  4. angel says:

    i am totally disagree that angelina jolie is the most beautiful and replaces Aishwarya rai..For me Aishwarya rai is the most beatiful..that’s it..

  5. yesenia says:

    angelina jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world, Aishwarya rai is second.

    • zzz says:

      Maybe she is hotter but not more beautiful.rai is perfect,Angelina is dull in comparison.Maybe she deserves the second place but the first one?….That is an exaggeration.I mean,would anyone think of Angelina as “Miss World”?No way,that is too much to say!

  6. Taylor says:

    Really glad to see Uma Thurman up there, she is a beautiful woman… Angelina Jolie is exy, but not the most beautiful women!!!!

  7. who cares says:

    once again comparing 2 completely DIFFERENT people to each other, my god when will it end?!

  8. xpac says:

    in my opinion, i believe that angelina jolie take nothing more than the 4th rank

  9. tony says:

    ash is still the most beatiful woman in the world, she has the beauty of the mind

  10. Muralidaran Ramesh Somasunderam says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    For me beauty comes from the inner heart, nevertheless for the record beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The reason I state this is because for some people it can be the hair, facial features, figure, or the texture and quality of the skin. For others it can be the mannerisms, or disposition. Therefore in conclusion beauty is a very subjective factor, and there is no point in stating that one celebrity is better than the other, except for publicity, and commercial purposes. There may be a lady who is a common person, not a celebrity, who is the most beautiful lady in the world.
    Yours Faithfully,
    M. R. Somasunderam.

  11. sam says:

    If you look at the top 10 list, you really have to admit that this list cannot have been taken by a vote around the world. Just look at #6. Uma Thurman?? I mean really let’s get real. No offense Uma. You are a very pretty lady and your eyes are gorgeous, but you are not #6. Take a look at Megyn Price and ask yourself if she couldn’t be #6 or at least on the top 10. I dunnooo, but this vote was probably taken at local bars around the world.

    • zzz says:

      And a lot of women in this top can’t even dare to consider themselves “beautiful”.All of them are plain,except for the Indian girl.

  12. sam says:

    you know come to think of it…never mind megyn price. What happened to Salma Hayek???? She didn’t make top 50. I know these votes were conducted at bars now lol. You have to be drunk to think that Salma cannot be within the top 50.

  13. fafay ydas says:

    pangit nimo take ug tanini usa ipahilot ang imong nawong…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  14. guest says:

    Ughh…I’ve never even seen any of aishwarya’s films but i definitely think she is prettier than angelina by a LONG shot. I HAVE seen Jolie’s and I think she’s a good actress, but judging off their pictures alone, I personally think angelina jolie is ugly. I honestly don’t see what’s so great about her! I’m sure it must be her lips, but I think they look disgusting!!!! they look like they’ll fall of her face and attack people!

  15. abel says:

    Angelina and Aishwarya can not be compared. Angelina is very beautiful here in America and Aish is beautiful to the people of India. Different nations means different opionions and beleifs.

  16. Lucy Xiong says:


  17. Nina says:

    Angelina is not as beautiful as Aishwarya. Somebody forgot to put on their glasses. Angelina looks like she bites. She gives me the creeps.

  18. fat yusuf says:

    angelina jolie cant replace aishwariya not even in her dreamsss.aishwariya is olwaiz number one nd jolie is olwaiz our number two.

  19. hansraj says:

    ash is the most beautiful ash in this world….

  20. khan says:

    Ash is the most beautiful woman on earth nobody can replace her

  21. the most gorgeous guy in the world says:

    Aishwartya is indeed beautiful, but yes, the thing about enhancement is true, and Aishwarya rai, has body odor and really needs heavy make up to enhance her features. while Angelina, she is also indeed very beautiful, but needs to enhance her body for being sooooooo skinny. to top it all i can say Jolie is the most beautiful because she the epitome of beauty with a substance, and not just a face with self centered heart. Just an opinion, but given a chance to choose i say catherine zeta Jones is the perfect 10

    • dianna says:

      Aishwarya DOESN”T NEED to enhance what God has given to her!It’s her job to use make-up and Indian women have this sophisticated style to use jewelry and so on.Why do you,people judge so superficially?The American woman doesn’t use jewelry too much and prefers to be more natural,sometimes careless like Angelina!To be honest,I like Aishwarya much more because she is able to be very elegant all the time.She has a lot more style than the vulgar Angelina,whose unique endornments are those disgusting tatoos.As for the features,Aishwarya is much more endowed both concerning the face or the body than Angie.

    • srilankan girl says:

      aishwarya is the most beautiful miss world. so how can anyone say angelina is pretty than aish.

      • jolie lover says:

        angelina is the most beautiful one is beautiful than her.and u srilankan girl dont be jealous of angie.srilankans r black so they jealous of white oohhhhhhhhhhhhh stupid girl

  22. the most gorgeous guy in the world says:

    i am not from both country but a followe of beautiful people, Catherine Zeta Jones or a girl name Kc concepcion can be included in this list. check out on her pictures by typing KC CONCEPCION on your search engine, i cant remember where she is from but i can say she is a very beautiful one, heared that she is an Ambassador to the United Nations

  23. wtf says:

    only 15 million votes..last i checked, Aishwarya rai had a billion votes to her name

  24. z says:

    Hello no Monica Bellucci???!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Youkabed says:

    I believe both of them are beautiful, but Angelina’s face is realy special.
    I think non of them are the most beautiful in the world. If somebody say that, so it show that she or he has seen very few people in her or his life.Also they both specialy Ash always wear a heavy makeup and you shuold compare beauty with natural appearanc.
    Anyway world is full of beautiful people if you see better
    good luck

    • mirabelle says:

      No,Angelina’s face has nothing special.I can’t see anything striking at her beauty,sorry.I really can’t.Aishwarya,yes,she is gorgeous,with or without any make-up.

  26. Sakina says:

    U must be kidding I dont believe this list whatsoever. Aishwarya Is the most Beautiful than Shilpa Shetty. Aishwarya doesn’t need foundation whatsoever, but Angelina does puts it on or even sometimes alot. Anyways, in a another hand Aishwarya didn’t ruin someone else’s home and then stabed her at the back. Angelina is like a demon, Im sorry to say tht and brad pitt is weak tht enough to be called a man. Aishwarya is the awesome.

  27. funny says:

    wow to hear these comments.

  28. vamp says:

    During the previous films of angelina jolie (girl interrupted, beyond borders, lara croft etc). I remembered no one ever mentioned that she was beautiful. Not until she had something done on her face. There is no true beauty in surgery coz she has never been beautiful before in the early days. Aishwarya has the purest blue eyes. They say those are her real eyes. Plus, Ash’s face is carved magnificently. Aishwarya Rai is beautiful while angelina is complete surgery

    • zombi says:

      Now,she becomes “the most beautiful woman in the world”.How come no one even mentioned this before?She was considered just pretty not so beautiful.

  29. dilpreet says:

    angie s most beautiful woman in da world ash s not even close to her also i alwayz saw ash with full with makeup but i barely see angie with makeup on her face also she adopt couple of kids she has big heart so she is the beauty from every side. being miss world doesn’t make her beautiful woman.

  30. diane says:

    I hope Aishwarya will realize this!”.Are you afraid of the fact that your so-called top is not real?Angelina is pale in comparison to Aishwarya!Angelina can’t replace Aishwarya because she hasn’t those out of the ordinary features and eyes.Angelina is beautiful,Aishwarya is the very definition of beauty,she is has something striking.Angelina is ordinary,she is beautiful and that’s all,nothing more!And look who is considered more beautiful than Aishwarya in this top!Kate Moss?My God,somebody is laughing there with some envy on Aish’s unbelievable beauty!

  31. arvina says:

    okay..angie and ash are both beautiful but angie has been looking old lately….aish always has a face full of makeup..has anyone ever seen her out and about without makeup?NO…shes always heavily madeup while i hardly see angie with makeup..only time i see angie with makeup on is at the awards ceremonies and movies ofcoz…but she or aish aint that beautiful to be called “worlds most beautiful woman”..pulliz..i see prettier gurls out and about on the streets everyday…naturally pretty without all that special makeup that they esp aish wears…aish is not even that light skinned..she brown…take a look at her older movies like hum dil de chuke sanam and aa ab laut chalen…shes not light skinned…and she has got a nose job…take a look at her nose in the miss world pageant looks like a hook……….all these ladies on the list are not even all that…even im better looking then most of them on that list LOL…megan fox is much more prettier then these women…wayyy prettier without any makeup on then aish with face full of makeup

  32. diane says:

    Aish has a natural beauty and yes,I saw her without make-up,she is still very pretty.She couldn’t be so beautiful if nature hadn’t endowed her with natural features.She has got brown skin but this is not a criterion to evaluate her beauty.She is exotic and her eyes are incredibly beautiful.Angelina is not incredible,she is beautiful but not a rare beauty!I think Aishwarya raises a lot of jealous women on her special natural features.By the way,she hasn’t any nose job,this is a false statement about her.

  33. a vs a says:

    all i can say is that ash isnt that pretty as sum make her out to b an also there r more bollywood actresses that i wud probably say are prettier than her and also angelina can go 4 the mre natural look whereas ash has to hav heaps of make up on to look good so nose job or not makes no difference

  34. crizz says:

    Ms. Rai still the no 1 its obvious. She has real and pure beauty. jolie a did surgery with her body and face.

  35. Fadia says:

    queen ‘rania are u blind she is not that beautiful she is just like any other not bad looking woman , as for Angelina i always find her so beautiful she is the best

    • georgette says:

      Angelina is totally plain.Aishwarya is exotic and striking.A real princess who deserves her title!

    • george says:

      Angelia is totally plain,Aishwarya is exotic and striking.How many Aishwaryas are on this world?There isn’t one for the moment.Sorry,Angie looks like my neighbour.

  36. nadia says:

    This top is a joke!Aishwarya can’t be replaced yet!

  37. zombi says:

    Angelina looks older than Aishwarya although,the reality is that Aishwarya is 2 years older than Angelina.Aishwarya looks very fresh at her age while Angelina is already expired.She has a veru ugly body and has a tired face with a lot of wrinkles that she tries to hide them with tones of foundation.Aishwarya has lesser wrinkles,have a better look at their pictures.

  38. zombi says:

    And of course, Aishwarya Rai!We can’t stop looking at her perfect pictures.This woman is too beautiful,like the sunlight.generally,human beings cant’ look at the sun straightly!

  39. dianne says:

    No,not the world,only her fans.yes,for them Angie is what they say,but for the others ,she is not at all that pretty!

  40. maria_m says:

    I don’t like her lips,too big and disgraceful.

  41. maryland says:

    And what about the skinny Angelina?She looks like a corpse.I am terrified to look at her pics!And she has so many wrinkles around her mouth and eyes.I don’t think she doesn’t use make-up to cover all those problems.

  42. Isa says:

    I think the most beautiful women of the world is Monica Bellucci, is a classic beauty, beautifull and misterious eyes, black hair, elegance, gorgeous, Aishwarya is beauty but only her eyes, I think her neck is very short , and in some pictures he look like a simple beuty girl, Monica is like Ava Gardner, like Maria Felix, classic beauties, Aishwarya is “bonitilla” and thats all, Angelina Jollie is amaizing girl, beauty inside her and outside, I love Angelina and Monica.

  43. siddesh says:

    angelina and ash rocks they are very beautiful woman of the world

  44. Alais says:

    I think that list it’s juste a peace of crap. Christy Turlington prettier than Aishwarya Rai ? In wich world are they living in ? And I don’t see Salma Hayek… Uma Turman ? My mom looks better than her…

  45. dsr says:

    Ok,Catherine Zeta Jones ,yes,she is more classy than Angelina but still,she is not at all as beautiful as Aishwarya Rai.There is no comparison.Aishwarya is a jewel-like,she simply shines!

  46. zumzum says:

    I think Catherine Zeta-Jones can be a real rival for Angelina.Aishwarya is above both of them.Only a fool or ablind person couldn’t see that Aishwarya is more beautiful than them.

  47. srilankan girl says:

    How dare u talk about srilankans? who are you to talk whether srilankans are ugly and aish the most beautyfull and she is indian. ok, what i think is you have some mental dissorder, sorry for that.
    WE, srilankans are allways beautiful in both outlook and inside, aish is the most pretty and she is INDIAN.

  48. anonymous says:

    I think all of u guys are nuts i think there both beautiful but there both not consider to be the most beautiful woman in the world and who cares. lets appreciate gods true beauty in nature and the things that make us alive and still breathing without these true beauties we will not be living. so i dont think angelina and aish are the most beautiful im not still breathing because of them im still living because of god. so god is the most beautiful thing no one can compare. and also god can take those looks away from them in a sec so it doesnt matter. looks are deceitful. so get it straight appreciate real things that are more important. i think im more beautiful then them but they would always be seen more beautiful because there celebrities. although angelina is a very kind person in heart and changed to a elegant woman while aish is very self conceited and act like shes better than everyone else which is proven in this advertisement commercial. im not judging because i am part indian as well. so i appreciate her she’s quite educated but self conceited. i think we should worry about are own lives than worry about people who dont give a living damn if we exist.

  49. ella says:

    Aishwariya is the most beautiful women in the world . anyone can say its angelina but u know ur wrong .

  50. fgf says:

    ash is most beautiful in the whole world

  51. jake says:

    aishwariya rai is definitely very beautiful but not more than angelina jolie and its true …….
    but since angelina is not now that beautiful what she was hence she should be kept in 2nd place ….

    and according to recent polls conducted all over the world and analyzed carefully by the people’s magazine which is the most trusted magazine in the world,
    it has been revealed that the current most beautiful woman in the world as of September 2009 is the Australian model “phoebe tonkin”…..
    hence now the list goes as

    1.phoebe tonkin
    2.angelina jolie
    3.aishwariya rai

    the 3 most beautiful woman in the world right now

  52. drew says:

    sorry for the bad words.i’m a very big aishwarya fan plus you have no right to insult the srilankans like this.(from this it dosen’t mean that i am a srilankan!) & personally i think you should learn some manners, plus have you ever been to a school?

  53. jake says:

    angelina is the most beautiful woman in the world followed by aishwarya rai on no 2 …
    i think this is fair enough … and this is true we all can see this !

  54. zara says:

    Angelina she is the best

  55. ritika says:

    So true! i agree :) Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful women ever on this planet!

  56. prabhu says:

    I think aishwarya rai is the most beautiful than angelina jolie..she is the most adorabvle beauty n the world.After 7yer Io date.

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