CafePress: Create & Sell Customizable Products

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Did you ever want sell a Tshirt with your photo? Or maybe a mug with your face on it. Or how about presenting a cap to your dad with a creative logo.

At CafePress, you can create and sell a variety of customizable products with zero upfront costs and zero inventory investment. You can sell any merchandise you design including t-shirts, posters, mugs, bumper stickers and much more.

Cafepress gives uou a free online shop to promote your products. They produce each item when ordered, manage all payment transactions, ships your products worldwide, manages all returns/exchanges, offers customer service and then in the end sends you a monthly check for your earnings on sales!

Now you can put your favourite image or logo (be careful to avoid copyright issues) on a Tshirt, bag, mug, cup and the list goes on. The shop sets up in a jiffy, you upload your image and they show that image on your selected products.

They have a base price to cover and whatever you quote over that is your profit. Of course you can also create and buy your product at the base price. But this is a very novel idea to market your own products. I am setting shop soon!