Create CSS Styled RSS Feeds

It’s pretty easy to add a CSS stylesheet to your RSS feeds. If you know CSS and create your own RSS feeds, incorporating simple CSS stylesheet can beautify your feeds. Pete Frietag explains how to do it easily.

In 2 quick steps
1. Add a xml-stylesheet tag to your RSS feed:
2. Create a CSS file called rss.css, inside it you can define how each RSS tag is displayed.

My atom feed is created by blogger by default and I cannot change it. Then I used the feedburner feed to fix up my feed for those looking for rss compliance and it has a nifty tool called ‘Browser-Friendly Burner’ which applies basic visual formatting with a heading message you specify to raw feed XML (using XSLT) for much improved readability in most modern browsers – See my Feedburner Feed.

Just in case you are wondering why 2 feeds? Because my single feedburner feed helps in better tracking and autodiscovery

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