Date Me Natalie Portman: Fan Requests Star Wars Actress

Andy Goldfarb has created a website named to request a date with Natalie Portman, the lead actress of the Star wars series.

Date with Natalie Portman

Natalie PortmanHe implores “I’m asking for one date with Natalie Portman. I’m not asking to marry her. I’m not asking for a week’s vacation with her. I’m not asking to exchange love letters with her. I want one conversation with her, in person. I’ve decided to ask for this through a website presenting my argument about why I feel this is worth Natalie’s time.”

That is a unique way to ask for a date. Will famous celebrities like Natalie Portman oblige? and Why? Have you dated a celebrity?

Update: The site is closed now. The links for the archives have been added. He states that while he was not able to reach Natalie, the site did generate a lot of buzz, with four million hits, ten interviews!