Google Referral Program : $20 for Adsense / Adwords Sign Up

You know Adsense. You know Adwords. Another Google referral program you have probably not heard of yet?

Google Referral Program works by giving approved sites unique links to Google, then compensating the referring site for passing on a new AdWords advertiser or AdSense publisher.

This is how it simply works – You apply for the program in agreement of their terms and conditions. Google reviews and approves your application and provides you with the banner and links tracking code and set up information.

Visitors clicks on the graphic or links and is taken to a Google sign-up page. That person signs up for an AdWords account or applies to become an AdSense publisher. Advertisers qualify as completed referrals after they spend $20 with AdWords. Publishers qualify after they earn $75 in AdSense revenue.

You earn $20 for each advertiser or publisher you refer.

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