MIT Bathroom & Laundry Servers at Random Hall

Random Hall is MIT’s premier nerd dorm with 93 students. The Bathroom Server helps to know if there are free bathrooms and how long since they are vacant.

How it works?
Since they have single-occupancy bathrooms, just place a sensor on every bathroom door. This is fed into a PIC microcontroller, which then talks to the actual bathroom server.

Bathrooms are single occupancy (shower/toilet/sink unit). There are 14 residents per each pair of bathrooms. During semester, if several residents are taking classes at the same time, bathroom conflicts can be fairly common.

Now that is MIT! They
Want to know more stuff?

There is also a Random House Laundry Server to locate free washing machines. They have three washing machines and four driers but when they are in use, they tend to all be in use at the same time. So MIT fixed it up too.

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