Sharpmail Sends Anonymous Emails & SMS to Hide Your Identity

Ever heard about Sharpmail? Want to send anonymous emails or anonymous SMS to your friend or boss, but could not get the courage to do so for fear of getting identified? Welcome to Sharpmail.

Sharpmail helps you share your mind by sending anonymous emails. The main point is ‘you can edit the FROM address shown to the recipient’. What address they think the anonymous email is from is up to you! Some people call it Anonymous Email, Spoof Email or Fake Email as well. They claim to even remove the computers IP address and ISP information! You can also choose to deactivate the reply option!

sharpmail anonymous email

Sharpmail allows you to send Anonymous SMS text messages to any global destination. Text your mates mobile/cell phone from any name or number. All Anonymous SMS text messages are instantly delivered and Delivery Reports are updated in real time. The maximum limit to the Anonymous SMS text message is the industry standard, 160 characters.

I am sure investigative agencies can still unmask where the anonymous messages are coming from. Of course such sites always have legal disclaimers and legal authorities can always orders to reveal your original identity in case of any misuse. So use the fun part of the service, but do not misuse the feature to harass or trouble someone, as it might get you into trouble.


  1. anonymous email says:

    I normally use for all my anonymous email. Its pretty quick to send it and they have a great funtion to post anonymous blog comments.

  2. Danny says:

    I tried that site but found to be easier to use, it also has Anonymous SMS too. I just feel safer with a British company over a Japan based company… could just be me.

  3. James says:

    Personally I found hoaxMail ( easier and better than both of the above sites.

    The design is cleaner and there are more features – plus they charge a lot less for SMS!

  4. Adrian Watts says:

    I used to use sharp but now I’ve started using to send anonymous text messages as I’ve found the service to be more reliable.

  5. Simon Bartun says:

    I also find hoaxMail to offer a far better service than sharpmail…

  6. Jeff says:

    Since were voting, mine goes to

  7. Blake says:

    I too use and sometimes

  8. Alexandra says:

    Check, there are statuses, different languages and collection of fakes to fool friends :)

  9. Chifuzhou says: is a scam site, their service is not working, and there is no customer support. NEVER SEND THEM MONEY!

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