Feedburner BuzzBoost : Display Your Feed

BuzzBoost is the latest publicity and awareness offering for FeedBurner publishers.

BuzzBoost code is just a short line of JavaScript that displays content items and information from a FeedBurner feed according to settings you provide. You can control how BuzzBoost displays the following elements:
* Feed Title
* Item publication date
* Individual item headlines, headlines and plain text, or headlines and original HTML
* Plain text item excerpt length
* Link to download podcast enclosures (if available)

If you are familiar with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), you can style each of BuzzBoost’s elements to match your site display. Learn more about using BuzzBoost and do not forget to check the BuzzBoost Examples

Login to FeedBurner and click the Publicize link next to a feed you want to use. Look for “BuzzBoost” in the popup window that appears and customize your settings. It is a nice way to crosspost the other blogs content to multiple related blogs and drive traffic either way.

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