Google Toolbar Beta for Firefox Released

Google released the Google Toolbar for Firefox finally which brings a smile on the face of Firefox fans. Till now they had to use alternative options for using the popular Google Toolbar which was available for Internet explorer till now.

Googlebar project was initially created to address the widespread desire in the mozilla community for the Google toolbar to support the Netscape 7, Mozilla, and Firefox web browsers. Translations of the Googlebar into other languages can be found at the Googlebarl10n project on

However, Googlebar was limited by the fact that it was not officially supported by Google and did not to implement features found in other extensions (such as form fill) or built into Firefox (such as the popup blocker).

Remember it requires Firefox 1.0+, so think about upgrading to the latest version. Other system requirements are Windows XP/2000 SP3+, Mac OS X 10.2+, or Red Hat Linux 8.0+.

It has all the great features like Spell Check, Autolink, WordTranslator, Autofill, pagerank…
However, Address Bar Browse by Name and the Pop up blocker are still Internet Explorer only features. There are also Other Firefox extensions from Google that add to the functionality of the Google Toolbar, Google Send to Phone and Google Suggest. There’s no need to check for new versions of Google Toolbar; updates are installed automatically.

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