Insert Google Adsense in Blog Posts

I have often been asked about how to insert inside blog posts. If you see currently I have an adsense between the post title and post body. Read on…

I will stick to Blogger template to describe the procedure.

If you go to the template, look for – this is what creates your post body with all the content. To insert the code above or below the post is simple.
If you insert the Adsense code above this tag, it goes between the blog post title and post body. If you insert the Adsense code below this tag, it goes beneath the post and above the post footer which has the permalink, post comments, email and similar links.

If you want to insert the Adsense code beside the post and wrap the post content around it – I use a table and align it to the right or left as required. This table code goes above the . Then add and it put the Adsense code between the tags. This will displace the post content and align Adsense with the post.

If you want to align the post content beside the post but not wrap it around the post content – either insert the Adsense code in the sidebar, or create a table with 2 columns. In one column put the and in the other column put the Adsense code.

How do you insert Adsense in you posts?

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19 comments on “Insert Google Adsense in Blog Posts

  1. Artem says:

    Note, that you are not allowed to use more, than 3 ads per page. It pretty much means, you cannot just copy-paste the AdSense code into the every post.

    Unless you use a javascript trick, that outputs the code only once per page – in the top post:

  2. Prince says:

    Thank You for th Table+Alignment Tip

  3. Steve says:

    “This table code goes above the . Then add and it put the Adsense code between the tags.”??
    Sorry but I think there is something missing. Could you please post the html source that shows how you wrap the post text around the adsense ad?

    Thanks a lot.


  4. Anand - Internet Blogger says:

    You cannot quote HTML tags from the edit window.That is why the blog post looks incomplete. So, please explain all the missing places..Thanks..

  5. zafar says:

    you need to put the code in template section and not in the actual post

  6. Charisse says:

    Thanks for this tip. It works and what I did to make sure that I stayed within Google’s rules was change my settings to show only two posts at a time per page. Also, before I fixed that, it seemed that Google automatically blocked more ads from showing. So, I don’t know if they penalize you for that or not, but I found that by switching the amount of posts that I show, I don’t have to worry about i.

    Thanks again,


  7. Rajeev Edmonds says:

    Placing Ads between posts certainly improves CTR and blogger has in built support for placing Ads between posts. It is very simple to activate and customize.

  8. nuet says:

    Why i cannot add adsense between my post using template? seems there is missing Show Ads Between Posts ticker box when i want to add some ad. This is not happening before. another, i also cannot add adsense page element add ons to my blog, missing adsense button. adsense block my account? policy violation? why no message? can anybody help me?

  9. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Could not insert adsense in my blog.

  10. Sameer Singh says:

    Write down about how to change the HTML code of my template to insert ads after post title and body.

  11. Ravi Verma says:

    Well, I want to use the ads the way you explained. I want to put the ads in almost every possible way. Your article seems promising and educative but for new blogger like me, I think putting images of what you were saying would make this post a really helpful one.

    Thanks very much for sharing anyways,
    Ravi Verma

  12. Malathy Badri says:

    But are you sure you have completed this post? I could not find the actual instructions.

  13. Keresőoptimalizálás, Seo says:

    Wrapping Adsense Around Text

    You can wrap adsense around the text in the single-post pages.To wrap adsense around the text follow these steps

    To wrap the text to right of the ad, add your adsense code in between these lines

    Your Adsense add script

    * To wrap the text to the left of the ad, add your adsense code in between these lines.

    Your Adsense add script

  14. Apparel Blogger says:

    Putting adsense ads inside the post is no doubt increase your CTR. While visitors/readers see a related links beside the contents, they got the interest to click that link, so it increases your income using adsense.

    I was searching for such hacks to put the adsense inside the post, that will show on post page only and home page will look clean.

    Any idea!

  15. martin says:

    Thanks for this post, I have been looking for a way to do this. Thanks alot!

  16. Robert Yeoh says:

    good advise!

  17. Tech Reviews says:

    Well I want ti insert google ads between post not after any post and after Heading

    suggest me

  18. muhammadwaqas19883 says:

    thank you for tips about insert adsense on will help me to earn extra money from blog.

  19. desho says:

    It is very simple to activate and customize.

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