Keywords in Titles & Urls for Search Engine Optimization

We all know that a good post title attracts readers to read a post. However, to get your post on higher rankings in search engines for those selected keywords, incorporating these keywords in titles and the urls is an essential tip for search engine optimization (SEO).

The idea here is to create posts which have titles that have all the essential keywords incorporated in them. This if combined with the same keywords in the url will add to better search engine optimization. This SEO tactic is very beneficial. If you see any google result, you will see it picks up the keywords from the title, description as well as the url.

Blogger has a great feature where it incorporates your title into the url and breaks up the first six title keywords into the url separated by dashes. It also tends to ignore common symbols like &, ! and so on to give a neat url suitable for SEO. This is a great way of using keywords for SEO. So try to get those target keywords into your first few words of the title and they will automatically get into your url also.

However, you know that if you change the title, the url changes too. That breaks links and give errors to users linking to your post. So do not change urls of posts later.

But if you absolutely must change the title of the post in Blogger without changing the url, Digital Inspiration has a handy tip. He says that after you publish your post on Blogger, open the post in an offline blog editing tool like w.bloggar and change the page title to something more meaningful and republish the post. This fixes you the new title you want and does not change the url.

This is an amazing tip as I always wanted to correct a typo in old post title or wished to change older post titles to reflect updated changes but did not know how to do it without changing the url and breaking all incoming links to those posts. Now you know!

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