Privacy Screens Filters : On Screen Privacy

Do you often work on sensitive confidential or secret information on your computer monitor or laptop that you don’t want others to see?

I was surprised to see that my copassenger seated beside me was busy working and surfing on his laptop, but all I could see was a blank screen. And that was my introduction to the spectrum of privacy screen filters.

Privacy filters blacks out screen images from a side view with no blurring or image distortion. Images are visible only to persons directly in front of the screen. This improves productivity by allowing you to continue working with confidential private information or surf privately, even when others are nearby like as is an airplane or closed multi user cubicles at office.

They are easy to attach and remove and available for laptops in many sizes, moreover, it stays in place even when notebook is closed. They also protect the laptop screen from scratches and abrasions. Why not give a try to the Privacy Filter or Privacy Screen as it can can help keep your on screen data or online surfing private on your computer, notebook, or laptop!

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