Pro-Bloggers Association (PBA) : International Organization of Professional Bloggers

Pro-Bloggers Association (PBA) is a nonprofit organization international organization of professional bloggers and consultants dedicated to developing and promoting the profession of blogging (and related strategies, such as podcasting) as a legitimate business function.

They claim to be “the first professional association dedicated to developing and protecting this interactive communications and networking tool as it grows into a respected business opportunity for business and marketing bloggers.”

Members include blog copywriters, blog consultants and organizations that support the blogging industry such as blog designers, search engine firms, blog advertising companies, and even software companies. See the full list of members. They encourage professional bloggers from all over the world to consider joining them. Are you joining.

Just a small tip – we fill so many forms daily on the web to reveal our personal information, how often have you read the Privacy Policy? In general, always read the privacy policy to know how your personal information will be collected and used. It is usually in fineprint at bottom of pages, but a quick look for it sometimes is safer for you!

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