Vector Capital Buys WinZip : Will Features Stay Free?

Winzip has been around for years as a the most popular compression utility for Windows, with more than 140 million downloads. Now Vector Capital Buys WinZip.

Snippets from a CNET report

“The company also has never charged for upgrades or new versions, a common practice in the software world. And it has not added extra features for customers that paid the $29 licensing fee.”

“Vector will try to change that by reminding users a little more firmly that the software costs money, as well as likely coming out with features that only paying customers can download. Vector also signed a marketing and distribution agreement with Google.”

I have tried several zipping utilities and software, but have always come back to Winzip because of its wide user base, excellent features and compatibility which has never failed. Although it is a shareware and they charge $29 for full features and no prompting. But I dont mind the prompt asking to pay to switch to a registered version, as it was very useful to zip documents and files. It helps to save storage space, dramatically reduce e-mail transmission time, and efficiently archive documents.

And now it seems it might become a pay to use software to keep full features running. Maybe I should start looking for other compression utilities! Which zip software do you like?