Commission Junction SmartZones : Rotate Banners Advertisements

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Commission Junction (CJ) offers web publishers an opportunity to make more money by putting up banner and text links for select approved advertisers and make commissions when someone buys a product, fills a form, joins a free trial … and so on as per their terms and conditions.

So once you get approved for several advertisers, how can you promote all their advertisements on your pages?
One option is to put different banners on different pages, which would mean different html codes. Several of these codes are short term promotional schemes and expire. If you have many webpages, keeping track of all these banners, coding with a limited advertising space is not easy.

Welcome to Commission Junction Smart Zones.
SmartZones allow you to add several different ad types for a single set of code. After you add several different ads, they will rotate and change whenever the page is reloaded automatically. A single line simple code suffices to rotate as many ads as you want in that location. It is very simple to power add multiple ads and remove ads without altering the website code. You can also create multiple SmartZones. Now that make work a lot easier.

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